Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Machines frequently used in the gym

There are hundreds of machines in any gym out there, and there are those machines we always use every time we hit the gym. These are the machines that hit the top of my list.


Treadmill - The treadmill is probably the most used and recognizable piece of gym equipment in the world. The treadmill develops your core muscle groups and help you build and tone each one of muscle fibers in your lower body. This machine is mostly used by people who plan on losing weight as you can adjust the inclination and speed. Most treadmills now has added functionality, it can track heart rate, calories burned, speed, distance and time. This machine contributes to overall health of cardiovascular muscle therefore this should be added as the core machines to use in daily workout.

Elliptical- The elliptical machine is a treadmill-bike hybrid. It gains more popularity to women over men for this enhances the gluteal muscles(butt muscles). This machine gives you both benefits of the exercise bike and the treadmill; it increases heart rate while allowing your lower body to gain stability and strength as well as lowering the risk of accidents you usually encounter with treadmills.  

Exercise Bike
Exercise Bike- Exercise bikes are great cardiovascular workout with the option of increasing or decreasing the intensity as you go. This machine increases heart rate therefore making it to the top list of people wanting to lose weight. Continuous usage of the machine tones muscles of the legs and gives strength to your calf muscles.